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Some common trivia, for those interested in the homing pigeon, is the common name from the first homing pigeons was Rock Dove. This could be because of the wonderful cooing sound that the homing pigeon makes. It makes homing pigeons for sale sound, some think, similar to doves. The scientific name for the homing pigeon is the Columbia Livia.

Homing pigeons for sale

Young homing pigeons anyone to 30 days old are known as a squab. But each time a homing pigeon is just finding out how to eat it can be called a peeper or squeaker. Homing pigeons can really be a vast array of different colors including: blue-bar, red-bar, spread, red, checker, pied-white, pied-splash, and white.


A homing pigeon is perfect for sale to the people who wish to you can keep them as pets or nuture them as messenger homing pigeons. The male homing pigeon is often bigger than the feminine. Normally homing pigeons will weigh in at a little lower than 1 pound plus a homing pigeon will normally measure approximately 13 inches. Young homing pigeons 8 months old have brown or grey-brown eyes, each time a homing pigeon becomes a adult eye color changes to orange or red-orange.


Homing pigeon legs are typically red but tend to be found in pink and grey-black. Homing pigeons have normally grey-black claws. Some white or red wine ones may have different coloring on the claws, they may be white. Some could even have stockings that cover their legs and feet. They have really good eye sight and they are able to see ultraviolet light. They also see in color. In the wild they can live up to 5 years but raised they're able to live up to as much as fifteen years. That’s all for homing pigeons for sale .